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Selected Sir Roland Hanna Discography

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 Everything I Love CD cover Everything I Love CD cover Album/CD Cover Album/CD Cover Album/CD Cover Album/CD Cover Solo Albums
Sir Roland Hanna, Tributaries: Reflections on Tommy Flanagan, IPO Recordings, IPO 1004, 2003 Amazon.com
Sir Roland Hanna, Everything I Love, IPO Recordings, IPO 1002, 2002 Amazon.com
Sir Roland Hanna, Live at Maybeck Recital Hall, Volume 32, Concord Jazz CCD 4604, 1994 Amazon.com
Sir Roland Hanna, Duke Ellington Piano Solos, MusicMasters 5045-2-C, 1991 Amazon.com
Sir Roland Hanna, Round Midnight, Town Crier TCD 513, 1987 Amazon.com
Roland Hanna, Manhattan Christmas, Fun House 35FD 1081, 1987
Sir Roland Hanna, Swing Me No Waltzes, Storyville Records SLP 4018, 1979 Amazon.com
Sir Roland Hanna, Piano Soliloquy, L + R Records 40.003, 1979
Sir Roland Hanna, Spelman Fran Detroit, Sonet Records SLP-2646, 1979
Roland Hanna, Bird Tracks: Remembering Charlie Parker, Progressive PCD-7031, 1978 Amazon.com
Sir Roland Hanna, A Gift From The Magi, West 54 WLW 8003, 1978
Roland Hanna Plays The Music Of Alec Wilder, Urban Voices TKCB-70072, 1978
Sir Roland Hanna, Informal Solo, Hi-Fly Records P 102, 1974
Roland Hanna, Perugia, Live at Montreux ‘74, Black Lion Records, 1974
Roland Hanna, Sir Elf, SOHBI SHCJ-1002, 1973
 Everything I Love CD coverDuo Albums
Sir Roland Hanna & Carrie Smith, I've Got a Right to Sing The Blues: The Music of Harold Arlen, IPO Recordings, IPO 1003, 2002 Amazon.com
Sir Roland Hanna & George Mraz, Ancestral Light, Red Earth Jazz REj001, 1999 Rahanna Music
Roland Hanna, Royal Essence: An Evening of Ellington, (Davey Yarborough, flute and saxophones), Jazzmont 01, 1999
Roland Hanna/Eiji Nakayama with Seiji Komatsu, Hush A Bye, What's New WN1001, 1996
Roland Hanna/Eiji Nakayama, Memoir, Century Records CECC 00130, 1990
Roland Hanna & George Mraz, Romanesque, Venus Records TKCZ 79524, 1982
Roland Hanna & George Mraz, Play For Monk, MHS 512192H, 1978
Roland Hanna (George Mraz, bass), 24 Preludes Book 2, Salvation GP 3154, 1978
Roland Hanna with George Mraz, Sir Elf Plus 1, Choice Records CRS 1018, 1977
Roland Hanna & George Mraz, Porgy & Bess, KICJ 47, 1976
Sir Roland Hanna and George Mraz, Sunrise, Sunset, Super Duo, LOB LDC 1019, 1976
Roland Hanna (George Mraz, bass), 24 Preludes Book 1, Salvation GP 3072, 1976
Roland Hanna & George Mraz,1 X 1, Toho Records Co., Ltd.YX 8020, 1974
 Album/CD Cover Album/CD Cover Album/CD Cover Album/CD Cover Album/CD Cover Album/CD Cover Trio Albums
Sir Roland Hanna, Last Concert, (Eiji Nakayama, bass; Miboko Hazama, violin), What's New Records, WNCJ-2120, 2002 Rahanna
Roland Hanna Trio, Milano, Paris, New York: Finding John Lewis, (George Mraz, bass; Lewis Nash, drums), Venus Records, Inc. TKCV-35303, 2001 Rahanna
Roland Hanna Trio, Apres Un Reve (Ron Carter, bass; Grady Tate, drums), Venus Records, Inc. TKCV-35315, 2002 Rahanna
Roland Hanna Trio, Dream, (Paul West, bass; Eddie Locke, drums), Venus Records, Inc. TKCV-35094, 2001 Rahanna
Roland Hanna, The Three Black Kings, (Richard Davis, bass; Andrew Cyrille, drums), JFP 001, 1997
Jon Burr, Sir Roland Hanna, Bucky Pizzarelli, 3 for All, Cei Cymekob CYK 806.2, 1996
Dave Brubeck, Roland Hanna, Dick Hyman, Jazz Sonatas, Angel CDC 55061, 1994
Roland Hanna, When You Wish Upon a Star, (Ron Carter, George Mraz, bass; Ben Riley, drums), LOB, Inc. LFA-3057, 1989
Sir Roland Hanna, Clint Houston, Lewis Nash, The Bar, Fun House 35FD-1093, 1988
Richard Davis, Sir Roland Hanna, Frederick Waits, Persia My Dear, DIW 805, 1987 Amazon.com
Roland Hanna, Hans Koller, Attila Zoller, Trinity, L+R Records LR 40.002, 1979
Roland Hanna, Rolandscape, (George Mraz, bass; Ben Riley, drums), Progressive KUX-85-G, 1978
Roland Hanna, This Must Be Love, (George Mraz, bass; Ben Riley, drums), Audiophile AP-157, 1978
Roland Hanna, Impressions, (Major Holley, George Duvivier, bass; Alan Dawson, Oliver Jackson, drums), Ahead 33.753, 1978 Amazon.com
Roland Hanna Trio, Time For The Dancers, (George Mraz, bass; Richard Pratt, drums), Progressive Records 7012, 1977
Roland Hanna, Glove, (George Mraz, bass; Motohiko Hino, drums), BRJ-4018, 1977 Amazon.com
Roland Hanna, At Home With Friends, (George Mraz, bass; Richard Pratt, drums), Progressive KUX27, 1977
The Roland Hanna Trio, Child of Gemini, (Dave Holland, bass; Daniel Humair, drums), BASF 21 20875-3, 1971
The Piano of Roland Hanna, Easy To Love, (Ben Tucker, bass; Roy Burns, drums), Atlantic 30XD-1042, 1959 Amazon.com
 Album/CD Cover Album/CD Cover Album/CD Cover Quartet Albums
Sir Roland Hanna, Sir Roland Hanna Quartet Plays Gershwin, (Jon Burr, bass; Ronnie Burage, drums; Bill Easley, tenor/soprano sax), LRC LTD CDC 9073, 1993 Amazon.com
The New York Jazz Quartet: Surge, (Roland Hanna, piano; George Mraz, bass; Richard Pratt, drums; Frank Wess, sax/flute), Enja CD 2094-2, 1977
McCoy Tyner, Sir Roland Hanna, Double Exposure, 1991 ) Amazon.com
Sir Roland Hanna/Jesper Thilo Quartet, This Time It's Real, Storyville SLP 4145, 1987
The New York Jazz Quartet in Chicago, (Roland Hanna, piano; George Mraz, bass; Ben Riley, drums; Frank Wess, tenor sax/flute), Be Hive BH 7013, 1981
The New York Jazz Quartet: Oasis, (Roland Hanna, piano; George Mraz, bass; Ben Riley, drums; Frank Wess, sax/flute; Enja 3083, 1981
The New York Jazz Quartet/Blues For Sarka, (Roland Hanna, piano, George Mraz, bass; Grady Tate, drums; Frank Wess, flute, tenor sax), Enja 3025, 1978
The New York Jazz Quartet: Song of The Black Knight, (Roland Hanna, piano; George Mraz, bass; Richard Pratt, drums; Frank Wess flute/sax), Sonet SNTCD 753, 1977
The New York Jazz Quartet In Concert In Japan, (Ron Carter, bass; Roland Hanna, piano; Ben Riley, drums; Frank Wess, sax/flute), Salvation GP 3020, 1975
The Jazz Piano Quartet, Let It Happen, RCA, 1974
Roland Hanna, A Jazz Hour With Roland Hanna Walkin' (Stephane Grappelli, violin; George Mraz, bass; Mel Lewis, drums), JHR 73528, 1974, Amazon.com
Stephane Grappelli Stephane Grappelli Meets the Rhythm Section, (Stephane Grappelli, violin; Roland Hanna, piano; Jri Mraz, bass; Mel Lewis, drums), Black Lion Records BLP 30183, 1973
Roland Hanna, Roland Hanna Plays Harold Rome's Destry Rides Again, (George Duvivier, bass; Roy Burns, drums; Kenny Burrell, Guitar), ATCO Records 33 108, 1959

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